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Concord, Massachusetts, 01742, United States
Full time

Concord MA I Full-time

Start Date: October 2021

Fully vaccination for COVID-19 is required

Position Overview Reporting to the CSO, the Associate Scientist will engage in research activities to support the engineering efforts of our therapeutic protein candidates, including molecular cloning, transient expression and characterization of protein products, stable transfection and clone selection, fermentation, protein purification and further characterization. As the company grows, the Associate Scientist will contribute to the continuous improvement of AB Biosciences’ protein engineering capabilities to enable rapid and extensive evaluation of protein designs for the intended therapeutic applications.


·      Designs and constructs expression plasmids for therapeutic protein candidates using state-of-the-art cloning techniques

·      Performs transient transfection of the constructed plasmids in HEK 293T cells to obtain small scale protein products

·      Characterizes the protein products by using techniques such as ELISA, immunoprecipitation and SDS-PAGE

·      Performs stable transfection into CHO cell lines, and selects high producer clones

·      Adapts high stable producer clones into serum free culture condition, and performs fermentation for the intended scale of protein production

·      May assist with protein purification and further characterization of the protein products using techniques such as size exclusion chromatography and surface plasmon resonance.

·      Maintains laboratory equipment, space and supplies related to protein expression and characterization

·      Develops and maintains standard operating procedures and data records related to protein expression and characterization

·      Supports writing of reporting documents, patent applications, and any other necessary documentation

Desired qualifications

We believe the qualifications outlined below will lead to success in this position. We do, however, welcome any argument that your less conventional training background can still help us reach our mission to develop antibody-based biologics for unmet needs.

·      Bachelor or Master degree in related fields such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cell Biology.

·      Experience in molecular cloning methodologies including PCR and expression plasmid construction using either traditional DNA ligation methods and/or Gibson Assembly, plasmid purification.

·      Bioinformatics experience in Blast search, sequence comparison. Familiar with biological database including EMBK-EBI, EXPASY, IMGT, and NCBI. Familiarity of DNA-STAR app is a plus.

·      Experience in sterile technique and tissue culture.

·      Experience in protein characterization methods including ELISA, SDS-PAGE, SEC (size exclusion chromatography). Experience in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) with Octet is a plus.

·      Strong analytical and organizational skills

·      Attention to details

·      Enthusiastic, collaborative and proactive attitude

·      Ability to adapt to rapidly changing company and program needs

·      Focused on continuous learning and career development

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