Best Niche Antibody-based Biologics

Copy of Therapeutics R&D

AB Biosciences (ABB) is dedicated to R&D of niche protein therapeutics for treatment of immune-oncological indications.

The knowledge base in immunoregulation and the technological expertise in protein engineering form the ABB’s core competence in targeting on immune molecules and pushing for versatile therapeutic applications.

Research Projects

PRIM - Recombinant protein as a Pan Fc Receptor Interacting molecule

PD-L1 Decoy – Cancer treatment via symbiosis with tumor tissues through slowing down the progression of cancer-triggered cachexia.

Abmining – Massive antibody mining, an unique platform for accelerating R&D timelines of therapeutic antibodies.

SSB-4 – a Non-Antibody Biologics engineered for Blocking of SARS-CoV-2 Binding to ACE2.