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Our Strength

Top-notched protein engineering expertise

Specialty in Fc receptor biology

Massive antibody mining capacity

Next generation therapeutic antibody engineering

Unique CAR-T based gene therapy

Research Projects

PRIM - Recombinant protein as a Pan Fc Receptor Interacting molecule

Cachexian – Cancer treatment via symbiosis with tumor tissues through slowing down the progression of cancer-triggered cachexia.

Abmining – Massive antibody mining, an unique platform for accelerating R&D timelines of therapeutic antibodies.

Déjà vu Mab – Niche platform technology for life cycle maintenance of approved antibody drugs.

NeoCART – Next generation CAR-T modules.

If you are interested in our research programs, please contact us.

Phone No. 617.208.8549

e mail. info@abbiosciences.com