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RANKL (Fc-Fusion)

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Recombinant human RANKL, mouse IgG2a Fc Fusion protein

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Species: Human (Homo sapiens)

Catalog #: P7007F

Synonym: TNFSF11; hRANKL2; ODF; OPGL; OPTB2; CD254; sOdf; TRANCE

Genebank accession number: NM_033012

SwissPro accession number:

Construction: mIgG2a Fc-VDQ- RANKL (Ser85 - Asp244)

Length of single chain: 396 amino acid

Tag: mouse IgG2a-Fc

Expression host: HEK 293T

Calculated single chain MW:  44,714.6 Daltons

Abs 0.1% (=1 mg/ml):  1.405

Oligomeric structure: Hexamer



Amino Acid Sequence

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