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Welcome to AB Biosciences

We are dedicated to the engineering and production of niche antibody molecules that enhance and accelerate biomedical research and antibody drug development. Their long-range goal is to develop novel antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

With decades of combined experience in both academic research and biopharmaceutical development, ABB’s scientists have built an efficient technology platform in recombinant engineering and assay development. The company is actively engaged in studies on a sizable number of molecules for immunological and oncological indications.

ABB’s founders, with decades of experience in viral-mediated gene transfer, T and B cell immune-biology, and protein therapeutics, have discovered a significantly better model of discovery and commercialization of antibody-based biologics, and streamlined the processes for developing niche biologics for identified unmet needs.

New Development Work: Recombinantly Engineered IVIG

AB Biosciences is actively engineering a recombinant substitute for Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

IVIG is a well-established therapeutic for a wide variety of immunological disorders. The current IVIG therapeutics are polyclonal immunoglobulin preparations produced from pooled plasma of thousands individuals. The increasingly scarce good quality human plasma obtained from healthy individuals, together with a variety of assays needed for screening of infectious agents lead to constant rising of costs of goods (COG) for IVIG.

The recent research advances in the understanding for the mechanism indicate that the antibody Fc, rather than Fab, domain plays a pivotal role in therapeutic efficacy of IVIG. Our developmental efforts focus on the engineering of novel protein biologics that exhibit high specific effector functions of antibody Fc domain. Our goal is to create a recombinant substitute with high efficacy (lower dosing need), consistent product quality, and a clear competitive niche in COG.

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