Best Niche Antibody-based Biologics


Our Mission

To create best niche antibody-based biologics for fulfilling the research and development needs in biomedical and biopharmaceutical communities. Our long range goal is to develop therapeutic and diagnostic entities.

Core Competence

ABB’s core competence is in protein designs of biologics for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of immuno-oncological disorders. Specifically, our R&D for therapeutics is focused on biologics that are capable of modulating activities associated with antigenic targets and effector molecules. In addition, ABB has designed and produced a panel of immune related protein reagents that are available to biomedical researchers as investigational tools.


Founded in 2007, AB Biosciences (ABB) has been dedicated to the engineering of therapeutic biologics and research protein reagents. With decades of combined experience in research and development, ABB’s scientists have built an efficient platform for the development of these two protein classes. The recombinant replacement of the traditional IVIG (PRIM program) is a great example of our engineering expertise in R&D of an unique protein drug for replacing the traditional serum-derived IVIG.

Our Community

Massachusetts provides a vibrant and nurturing environment for life science ventures like ABB, in terms of training grants and tax benefits, as well as an abundant talent pool possessing a wide range of expertise. Discovering breakthrough biotechnology and exploring biologics for biomedical study is our mission at AB Biosciences. As part of our commitment to science education, we open our doors to intern students, who can experience firsthand the R&D employment possibilities in the Biotech Industry. More than 15 students/interns have visited our laboratory since 2009.