Best Niche Antibody-based Biologics

Therapeutics R&D FAQ

What is the focus area of AB Bioscience R&D for therapeutics?

AB Biosciences’ R&D for protein therapeutics focuses on engineering multi-valent protein biologics that are highly efficacious for interacting with disease targets.

What is your core technology for engineering the multi-valent biologics?

We interrogate abundant protein scaffolds and protein models to find best match with effector proteins interacting with specific disease targets. For example, a scaffold fused with the extracellular domain of PD-1 is an active program for engineering a Keytruda-competing protein biologics.

Can you disclose the leading program based on this scaffold platform technology?

PRIM-II (Pan Receptor Interacting Molecule 2nd Generation) is a non-collagen-based trimeric immunoglobulin Fc protein capable of masking Fcg receptors including the neonatal receptor (FcRn) with high avidity. PRIM-II is being developed for treatment of autoimmune disorders such as CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating poly neuropathy), myasthenia gravis, GBS (Guillain-Barré syndrome) and Kawasaki disease.

What are the therapeutic candidates in your pipeline?

In addition to the PD-1 decoy mentioned above, we are actively working on scaffold-based competing biologics as the next generation therapeutics of approved antibodies, other receptor decoys and multivalence vaccine for influenza and HIV.

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