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Collection: TNF Receptor Superfamily Proteins

Protein Name Species Fusion Tag Catalog Code Interacting Protein(s)
BAFFR Human His-Flag P7114M BAFF (P7003M)
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7114F BAFF (P7003M)
Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7114G BAFF (P7003M)
BCMA Human No tag P7011Y BAFF (P7003M)APRIL (P7002F)
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7011F BAFF (P7003M)APRIL (P7002F)
Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7011G BAFF (P7003M)APRIL (P7002F)
BCMA Macaque Mouse IgG2a Fc C7011F BAFF (P7003M)APRIL (P7002F)
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7082F CD27L (P7004F)
No Tag P7015Y CD40L (P7005F), CD40L (P7005H), CD40L (P7005M), CD40L (P7005Y)
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7073F

TL1A-S (P7028F)TL1A-L (P7042F), FASL

Mouse IgG2a Fc P7065F

TL1A-S (P7028F)TL1A-L (P7042F)

Mouse IgG2a Fc P7049F TRAIL (P7008F)
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7053F TRAIL (P7008F)
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7045F EDA (P7030F)
FAS human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7061F FASL
Mouse IgG2a Fc P7035F GITRL
GITR Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7035G GITRL
HVEM Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7076F LT-α (P7006M), LIGHT, BTLA
HVEM Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7076G LT-α (P7006M), LIGHT, BTLA
LTβR Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7079F LT-α1β2, LIGHT
NGFR Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7017F NGF, NTF-3, NTF-4, BDNF
OPG Human His-Flag-Myc P7019T TRAIL (P7008F), RANKL
OPG Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7019F TRAIL (P7008F), RANKL
OPG Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7019G TRAIL (P7008F), RANKL
OX40 Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7046F OX40L
OX40 Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7046G OX40L
RANK Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7032F RANKL
TACI Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7012F BAFF (P7003M), APRIL (P7002F)
TACI Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7012G BAFF (P7003M)APRIL (P7002F)
TNFR1 Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7020F TNF (P7113T), TNF (P7113F), TNF (P7113M),    LT-α(P7006M) 
TNFR1 Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7020G TNF (P7113T), TNF (P7113F), TNF (P7113M),    LT-α(P7006M)
TNFR1 Macaque Mouse IgG2a Fc C7020F TNF, LT-α
TNFR2 Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7022F TNF (P7113T), TNF (P7113F), TNF (P7113M),  LT-α(P7006M)
TNFR2 Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7022G TNF (P7113T), TNF (P7113F), TNF (P7113M)LT-α(P7006M)
TRAIL-R3 Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7057F TRAIL (P7008F)
TRAIL-R4 Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7059F TRAIL (P7008F)

In human, 29 members of the TNF receptor (TNFR) family have been identified. Most of them are type I membrane proteins with a few exceptions. BCMA, BAFFR, TACI and XEDAR all lack the signal peptide and are classified as type III membrane proteins. Both OPG and DcR3 are soluble proteins and the TRAIL-R3 is tethered to membrane with a glycolipid. In addition, a number of TNFRs including CD27, CD30, CD40, TNFR1 and TNFR2 can be proteolytic processed into soluble receptors. FAS and 4-1BB also express as soluble form by alternatively slicing off the transmenbrane-encoding exon. Soluble receptors, each being able to interact with its ligand, are shown to modulate the activity of the respective membrane anchored receptor. Many TNF receptors interact with more than one ligand. These include both TNFR1 and TNFR2 interact with TNF-α and LT-α, both BCMA and TACI interact with BAFF and APRIL, HVEM interacts with LIGHT, LT-α and BTLA, LTβR interacts with LT-α1β2 and LIGHT, and OPG interact with RANKL and TRAIL. Yet ligands for RELT, TRAMP, TROY and DR6 have not been identified. Almost all ligands for TNFR superfamily members belong to TNF superfamily (TNFSF). The exceptions are HVEM and EGFR as BTLA and NGF/BDNF/neurotropins are structurally unrelated to TNFSF proteins. The increasingly revealed details of the molecular interaction and signaling pathways have made many TNFRSF members targets of vigorous investigations for disease intervention.

Our TNFRSF-Fc fusion proteins are homodimers linked by a pair of disulfide bonds at the hinge region of mouse IgG2a, affinity purified and size-excluded to homogeneity.

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