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Collection: TNF Superfamily Proteins (Hexa-Ligands)

Protein Name Species Fusion Tag Catalog Code Interacting Protein(s)
4-1BBL Human His-FLAG P7001M 4-1BB
4-1BBL Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7001F 4-1BB
4-1BBL Human Mouse IgG2a aglyco-Fc P7118G 4-1BB
APRIL Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7002F BCMA (P7011F), TACI (P7012F)
BAFF Human His-FLAG P7003M BAFFR (P7114F), BCMA (P7011F), TACI (P7012F)
CD27L Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7004F CD27(P7082F)
CD30L Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7025F CD30
CD30L Human His-FLAG P7025M CD30
CD40L Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7005F CD40 (P7015F), (P7015Y)
CD40L Human Human IgG1 Fc P7005H CD40 (P7015F), (P7015Y)
CD40L Human His-FLAG P7005M CD40 (P7015F), (P7015Y)
CD40L Human No Tag P7005Y CD40 (P7015F), (P7015Y)
EDA Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7030F EDAR (P7045F)
LT-α Human His-FLAG P7006M TNFR1 (P7020F), TNFR2 (P7022F), HVEM (P7076F) 
TL1A-L Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7042F DR3 (P7065F), DcR3 (P7073F)
TL1A-S Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7028F DR3 (P7065F), DcR3 (P7073F)
TNF-α Human His-FLAG-Myc P7113T TNFR1 (P7020F), TNFR2 (P7022F)
TNF-α Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7113F TNFR1 (P7020F), TNFR2 (P7022F)
TNF-α Human His-FLAG P7113M
TNFR1 (P7020F)TNFR2 (P7022F)
TRAIL Human Mouse IgG2a Fc P7008F DR4 (P7049F), DR5 (P7053F), TRAIL R3 (P7057F), TRAIL R4 (P7059F)
TWEAK Human His-FLAG P7009M Fn14

Hexa-Ligands are a selected collection of recombinant TNF superfamily proteins engineered and produced by AB Biosciences. The TNF superfamily (TNFSF) is made of 19 type II transmembrane proteins each is characterized by a conservative TNF homologous region at its extracellular domain which is also responsible for the characteristic trimeric assembly of TNFSF proteins. Proteolytic procession shed many TNFSF proteins as soluble trimeric proteins, most retain their receptor binding capacity, except for Fas ligand and potentially TRAIL. The extracellular domains of the TNF superfamily proteins were fused with immunoglobulin Fc portion and the resulting proteins form hexamers predominantly. AB Biosciences’ hexameric TNF superfamily proteins exhibit enhanced avidities for receptor-binding. Together with the classical soluble trimeric ligands, collectively we brand the recombinant TNF superfamily proteins engineered and produced in AB Biosciences HEXA-LIGANDs for their excellent receptor-binding activities.

Ligands of the TNF superfamily regulate the immune and inflammatory responses at various states. During development, TNF superfamily proteins such as TNF, LTα, LTβ and RANKL provide critical signals for the morphogenesis of secondary lymphoid organs. Other TNF superfamily members such as BAFF and CD40L function primarily regulates the development and maturation of B lymphocytes; 4-1BBL, OX40L and CD27L, T lymphocytes; and CD40L and RANKL, dendritic cells. Pro-apoptotic members of the family (e.g. TNF, FasL and TRAIL) facilitate the functions of cytotoxic effector cells maintain the homeostasis of the lymphoid compartment. Other TNF superfamily proteins regulate the development and differentiation of non-lymphoid tissues, such as epithelial structures (the EDA ligand), endothelial cells (VEGI and TWEAK) and bone-resorbing osteoclasts (RANKL and TNF). Mutations of TNFSF proteins have been described to lead to various diseases:CD40L for hyper-IgM syndrome, FasL for lymphoproliferative syndrome, TNFR1 for periodic fever syndrome (TRAPS), EDA for hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia and RANK for familial expansile osteolysis.

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